Good Evening every one. We all enjoy a good movie, even more in my case a historical movie. In that respect we are all ready for a ride.

The Kings Speech

No doubt they can be argued as a great piece of Cinema, and probably will encourage me to write a further post later in the week. That is on the subject of popular perceptions of historical characters and events, and how we are taught and view these people, for example Churchill the great war hero who if you talk to some people from the older generations would see him as a figure who could do no wrong. This will be covered at a later date. On the topic at hand though if I take the Kings Speech for example, the inclusion of the Churchill, in the film during an early part is more ever a form of artistic license by the directors of the Film as the audience would recognise Churchill more than some of the other political figures at the time. For example the average person would not know who Lord Halifax was or Stanly Baldwin because it is hardly covered in the UK unless at a university level. It is proven in Churchill’s own writings and words at the time that he did not agree with the abdication proceedings at the time, but this can be attributed mainly to not having a voice in the government at the time, being in the political wilderness. It was not until war was on the cards that they would see Churchill’s warnings as truth.

I do commend the directors for establishing the fact that the Black Shirts, would actually openly fight against the abdication. An article written by  Stephen Cullen :The Development of the Ideas and Policy of the British Union of Fascists, 1932-40 Journal of Contemporary History > Vol. 22, No. 1 (Jan., 1987), pp. 115-136.  Gives a good account of the Evolution of the Black Shirts policy, all the way up to and including the abdication crisis,  or Andrew Marrs the making of Modern Britain as a good brief introduction to the period.

“History Alert:Micro History of the whole 1920-30’s ideological battle please look up the Mitford Sisters, trust me its worth it.”

Okay admittedly the Kings speech can’t be 100% perfect. I commend the film makers for doing a good job, but like all film producers they need to provide for the audience and bring the money in from the investment made in the film. I would like to apologise for this being extremely short, you probably seen posts about the historical mess that is Braveheart, or the Dog Green Sector which does not look like Dog Green Sector Omaha beach. Hopefully by the end of the week, I shall be able to provide a beginner’s guide into the French Revolution, as I explore the 26 years of History up till the treaty of Vienna for my dissertation and book. Which is shall bring you lovely people previews of.

Thank you for Reading