Book Review 

Title: Redcoat The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket

Written by: Richard Holmes

Price : £9.99


“Wonderful….Not just a work of history but of enthusiasm and unparalleled knowledge” (Bernard Cornwall)


Probably one of my favourite historians, that i have ever seen on television or had the honour to read one of his books. sadly Richard Holmes died a few months ago, which is a sad day for us pupils of History.  Holmes always had a passion for the British army for which he served with distinction, before turning to the study of history. Most notable is his work on the Duke of Wellington, which is by far his best work.


Redcoat is highly recommended by myself and the history guys team , if you want to understand life in the British army through this period. It uses first hand account s which are easily referenced from the National Archive , or other public offices . So it is very easy to follow this work up. To quickly sum up the Premise of the book, you will be taken on a journey from the Seven years war till the hight of the British Empire till the Crimean War. He portrays the Redcoat in a human and historically correct way, not as Richard Holmes, puts so eloquently as the role of the German army after World War two; in Hollywood’s eyes that is.


Overall, this book is a must have if you are looking at the down to earth view of the Redcoats themselves, maybe the Yankee doodles will put down their dogmatic view of the Redcoat, if they actually picked the book up, we can only dream. The book deserves a decent 8 out of 10. Thats a Historyguys fact