Well as we know the last few days in London; across England to that fact have been well manic. The outburst of looting and damages to shops and local communities, have been catastrophic. To be honest we have ourselves to blame in my opinion for not letting the Police in the past to just get on with the job. Example some one who I knew said the police were heavy-handed at the March for the Alternative, protest earlier in the year has completely gone back on his argument and even called for the army to be brought in. Now in that respect we can understand that the police were over stretched not due to budget cuts, which have not come into force yet, but only for back room staff. I can’t put my finger on though why this situation came to the surface. What caused this outburst ?

Well you have all seen the news, but I don’t want to make this a political post I want to bring you some other,  historical inputs which show pointless outbreaks of violence in London, like we have seen the last few days. Of Course most of you know about the battle of Cable Street, the Jarrow March and the battle of Bow Street between servicemen in at least 3 different respective countries. Not counting the incidents in the 1980’s, the Brixton race riots as an example.

These all had a cause but just look at the two below which I think you will find interesting and just pointless, and does not show london in a good light. I though I would post you the link to the detailed historical information. I put my hands up and say I don’t know that much about them. From what I can gather though it was just mindless violence, maybe it is in London’s blood I hope not.

1391 riots break out in Salisbury Place over a baker’s loaf

1221 riots occur after London defeats Westminster in an annual wrestling contest; ring-leaders hanged or mutilated in punishment.

Link to John Strype’s Survey of London and Westminster