National Service, was the term used by David Cameron this morning on the News. I was thinking yes great kids getting out in the army but not being sent to war to learn discipline and values. Oh wait no it will be using community service, kinda defeats the object really.  It can be considered a relic of World War Two, but historically it was continued due to the cuts to Britain’s armed force after the war. Much to the threat posed by the Soviet Block. My grandfather was in the Suez emergency which was a black day and many reservists tore up there call up cards. In a way it was the TA of its day; it provided a much needed exit for some for some young people in society, and taught them many skills. They proved there worth in battle, Korea the battle of the Imjin river the Gloster light infantry regiment, held out against Chinese attacks and stopped the whole united Nations line from falling.


For example Michail Cain  Served in Korea



Below is a list of Criteria for the National service from 1948 onwards.

  • British subjects from outside Britain and the Isle of Man who had lived in the country for less than two years
  • Students
  • Persons employed by the government of any country of the British Empire except the United Kingdom
  • Clergy of any denomination
  • Those who were blind or had mental disorders
  • Married women
  • Women who had one or more children 14 years old or younger living with them.
National Service Memoirs
I will post some stories of national service members in another category when I get a chance.