After a very interesting talk with Mr Aslanian over a cold pint of beer, we came to talking about how technology went backwards; what would become know as the dark ages. Europe would not really rise from this period until some can be argued the Renaissance, or even the feudal period.


(Map of Anglo-Saxon Invasion)


Lets Take Britannia as an example, with the Anglo-Saxon landing’s in what would became known as Kent, and the melting pot that would become, of celtic and Scandinavian language. Would lead to the creation of England, it paved the way for the basic conception of said nation (even though England as we know it was split into Mercia, Wessex etc). What most people and some schools forget to mention is that the nation hood of the British Isles was already there. The Celtic people’s of Britain after the Romans left banded together under what would become known as the Romano British. It was a melting of British and Roman culture.

Two major centers of the Romano British

Londinivm Avgvsta (London: Major Trading centre)

Colonia Clavdia Victricensis Camvlodvnensivm (Colchester: Old Roman Provincial Capital)

With this the Romano British needed a important battle to in effect, halt the Saxon expansion into Britannia. Enter the Start of the King Arthur Legend and the battle of Bardon Hill (Mons Badonicus). That story is for another time. After a period of time the Britons would flee to settle in Wales and Brittany.


What is very good to note is that the Saxons would use the existing infrastructure in place to help control their new land. Below is a map of Britannia around 540.

Below is a translation of a first hand account of the Saxon Invasion

Liber querulus de excidio Britanniae. By Gilda