Big Question, everyone after having a bit of a clear out of the History guys top-secret base.  I have stumbled across old text books from the many years I spent at school. Since all of the History Guys team went through the same god dam system and was taught the same topics year on year; It bored us all to tears and put a lot of people of History because of it.

So we want to open a debate on what should be taught in British Schools at GCSE or A level.

You need to pick Ten topics that you would like the education system to cover and why. Dont say for example Just the Tudors or Romans that would be to large and area to cover, try to pin it down.

Below are my Ten areas that should be included, in the teaching of History at schools. Big Word here is included i not saying replace the rise of Hitler , World War one etc and that just extra topics to mix it up.

1. The Norman Conquest: simple really you only cover this in slight detail or not at all. I would spread it out to the period before the conquest to include the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex etc. then carry on to the period after

2. English Civil Wars: Could easily be done much better than just spreading two weeks on the subject. Also a not so slanted view towards Oliver Cromwell being the god guy and Charles Stuart being the bad guy . That Really annoys me.

3. The Crusades: explains the obvious frictions between different religions and of course highlights many of the Issues that happen today.

4. Life in the French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon: Oh god a major period which shaped modern Europe, in its political context and set the paving work for many of todays modern states. Hell it has a lot of blood guts and gore for the kids to really get their teeth into. Plus crazy clothes, and bad teeth.

5. European Age of Exploration and Colonisation: The expansion of Empires via the use of Trade, independent Companies, dare i say the East India Company , or the Hudson bay company as an example. I admit that is a big topic but has lots of different areas to cover.

6. The End of the Cold War: It is amazing why this hasn’t been done, please notify me if a school does do it. Kids need to know why Europe is not divided between east and west and be asked if it was Reagan or Gorbachev. ( They do the start of the Cold War but not the end how odd)

7. The Spanish Civil War: Okay I put this in here because I enjoy the topic. It is really a major point in 20th Century history. You also have the Chance to show the children animal Farm and the homage to Catalonia and why certain parts of Spain don’t like each other. Barcelona Vs Real Madrid isn’t just a football match 😉

8. Protestant and Catholic England in the Tudor period: I don’t really need to explain that simple enough to understand

9.  The Fall of the Roman Empire: Okay that does sound very big but it would explain why Europe would fall into a dark age and how most nations have influences from said people.

10. Spying and Espionage During World War One and Two: Explaining how both sides used espionage and agents during the conflict. Also excuse to show and read early James bong books and films, if you know Mr Flemings History that is.


Well that’s my ten topics it covers a bit of everything. Leave your comments and your own top ten