The Female is always Deadlier than the Male

“This will be updated over the week ”

I have noticed something, in history. If you annoy a women you will suffer the wrath of a women.

Here are two very scary female Leaders from history.

Oh god run for cover its Maggie . Incoming handbag. No matter what your view this women could handle as she called the wets in her Government.

Ah, Margaret Thatcher, “she has the eyes of Caligula but the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.” (French President Metorond)

I dont want to get into what she did wrong and what she did good as that will just degenerate into a mess. I think what we can all agree on if you love her or hate her ( hmm a Marmite thing) she is probably one of the few politicians in British history that stop by her guns and how many can you say that about these days. Miss Clinton hell no, Angela Merkel of god no.   She sandbagged her way into the history books, on a side note the famous handbag sold for over a few thousand pound.

Next is Cleopatra

This woman was different. I refer to Mark Anthony and her love affair. She was so powerful to split the mighty Roman Empire into a civil war, all through the use of her looks and charm.( There is much more to it but our resident ancient Historian is away on Holiday at the moment) it is quite interesting. How women use their looks to gain influence and can easily bring down and empire or create one. You women make the best Assassins as well, also spies during the second world war. Have provided many  stories in some cases sleeping with the enemy to gain information.

In the words of Electra King “I always had a certain power over men”


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Boudicca and Female Tribal Warriors (it is gruesome what they did to Roman solders)

Queen Elizabeth