Here we go Again

Today we find out that more people from the armed forces, are losing their jobs due to the recent SDSR. Now of course we don,t want this post to turn into a political debate. my view is like right what the hell is going on but that is just me. I explain our little island nations role in the world later. Odd enough as it sounds it has not really changed. TIme for the historical perspective.

As we all know the United Kingdom is fighting as they say its most desperate fighting since the Korean War. Now this pretty much is true and we all have this talk of high-tech weapons, and equipment and that we need to give our boys the best that they can have. This much is true, but what we have to understand which i don’t think many people understand, and dare ever our leaders at the top. Besides the obvious that Afghanistan has never been conquered we all know that bit. What we forget it is a conflict that is from a different time and age, but it needs one thing man power and to get a little bit dirty, no matter how much technology who have on your side. I am talking about the Boer War it has remarkable similarities to the current conflict only from a British strategic view. It takes grunt work on the ground you throw bodies at it. Sounds bad but if you want to win that is what you need, if you want to win that type of war.

Now take the blockhouse system(images above). Built-in south africa during the conflict what it basically represents in a modern view is Nato Patrol bases. Deny the enemy movement into the local population. I am not advocating the concentration camps which were used hell no that would create more problems than good. ( Americans were the first to use them in the Spanish-American War it recently came to light).

After the Boer conflict massive army reforms were needed, and the expansion of the Territorial army. Hmm it does sound all very recent to modern-day events. The army was cut back down again as well no need for it the Navy was there to provide the wooden wall.

(the two pictures oddly look similar)

Now also there were medical reforms, and much tougher reforms for people to join the army due to the poor medical health of the nation. Now of course this is a conflict comparison and well, with world co-operation during the Opium wars. With nearly every great power on the world stage actually working together. ( I shall post this amazing image when i dig it up). No one saw the mess that would follow in 1914. No one if you take it from the so-called Joe blogs perspective in the street.

Now we fast forward

Has anybody heard of the 1920’s coalition the last peace time coalition government, was Conservative government, cleaning up the mess of the nations finances. (How times change) any way below is the worst cuts in the History of the British armed forces. Oh dont forget our hero Winston Chuchill and his ten Year rule. Below is an account of the spending cuts made during the last worst cut Back in UK military spending. And No one Saw World War Two coming till it was a bit late ether. We just dont know what is gonna come out from around the corner.

The Geddes Axe 

Taxation per head per annum (brackets contain todays value)

1919;£18 (£539.46)



Cost of Combined UK armed Forces 1922; £190 million(£5,694,300,000.00)

National Debt 1922 ; £359.8 million£10,783,206,000.00

Office of National Statistics

Interesting Read article on the topic: Henry Higgs, ‘The Geddes Reports and the Budget’, The Economic Journal, Vol. 32, No. 126. (Jun., 1922), p. 252