United Kingdoms Role in the Modern World has it changed ? or will it after the SDSR cuts?

This is where the history does not go out of the Window. I don’t want to seem Like an armchair general. Hands up I am not one of them a historian yes.

(map of British Dependent states. Not forgetting you Falkland islanders+ the independent zone on Cyprus)

The United Kingdom has lost its Empire yes, we are not a major player as compared to America or dare I say the new rising countries. I gonna use a term used by a friend of mine who I meet during University. He was an Indian called Bobin. ” Britain is like the wise old grandfather, sitting back and watching the world around him, wise and been there before. America and China and even my own nation are trying to run before they can walk. Britain is that nation which plays nations off each other for the benefit of the rest” I was very flattered by that statement. British Policy is always two-fold to protect national interests, whether they be Economic or mineral. Also lastly it is to make sure that one single power dominates, to provide a balance. You may think of god how can the United Kingdom go up against the likes of America and Russia etc. Economic terms no. That statement may seem counter-productive to my own argument.  Take a look at the above map of British dependencies on the world stage that we ether have military bases or naval ports on. The effective striking power of the United Kingdom across the world is impressive. Naval power even though how small the navy is in today’s world can easily project power from these alloted points. Mind you not on two fronts, that is what we have Nato and god bless America.  Even though we have proved we can conduct operations with out US help. Sierra Leone, Falklands, the Troubles which provided most of the counter insurgency work we see now days, hell give us the credit for Libya America took much a back seat no matter what the US media tells you.

It comes to my view that weather like it or not we should turn back to this original policy of reacting when needed, but keep the balance of power. It sounds crazy as hell to you readers but that is what most non UK people in the world see us maybe except the French, that’s no national biased right there. Always blame the French, answers to that on a post card please.

We need to take the approach of the British policies before the two great wars. ( yes we were a great power then and I don’t mean go and colonise countries) . I mean protecting British interests and shipping through the use of the Royal Navy (80% of our goods come from the merchant shipping it hasn’t changed since the time the Navies conception) , and have in effect a small army but ready to expand at the call of a conflict that arises, but make sure that force is equipped to fight different roles. conventional or counter insurgency.  That is the way forward to provide that balance but protect our colonies ;), but to also if needed scale up the force needed through the territorial army, if you want it to be a military perspective.

Disclaimer:  Some views in this topic may seen different to the ones posted in the previous entry. This is due to this covering Britians role after the cuts have been put through in my view.