The Chickens Come Home to Roost

Today is of course the Ten Year mark since the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre. First time in recent history that US soil has been attacked on such a large-scale. We here have to be very careful and this post will be heavily moderated, so any one saying the usual the Bush did it or over stuff will be deleted, straight away. We are gonna look at the Historical impact that this has had on the last Ten Years of world history.

Where do we start well 1990/1991 First Gulf war sees the start of a new world order, the cold war is over ( or is it?). United Nations fighting Saddam. A little Saudi exile offered to help drive Iraq out of Kuwait and protect Saudi Arabia. This mans  name was Osama Bin laden. He was rejected and disgusted at the influx of western ideals and troops into a Muslim country. (of course there is much more to this), can be seen as the catalyst for the start of the Holy war which America did not treat seriously. In respect to Bill Clinton in the years after Bush, put together a very good plan to deal with the threat .

Now the world after 9/11 has changed drastically, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (no discussion of the later here ether). The after effects were felt in other countries like Spain and the United Kingdom. Which ironically enough are no stranger to acts of this such Through the Basques in Spain and the massive amounts of Splinter Groups in the IRA. The world has not become a safer place, ironically in that respect the Cold War could have been considered a safer period. The impact of global politics is interesting you have started to see a much more of a Gulf between European powers and America maybe excluding Britain. With the wars of the aftermath of 9/11 you can even imply this to know due to the Nato intervention over Libya, was a distinctly British and French Affair where America was very reluctant to get involved. Maybe you are seeing a two war syndrome from America just maybe.