Dear Readers

We would like to take this time to say sorry for the lack on content; this week. This is mainly due to all of our contributors are returning to their respected institutions. Do not fear normal service will resume soon we are conducted work as we speak. Little peak of two of this weeks work. The American Revolution was it really everybody ?. Then we have the second part of the French Revolution Saga, with an article on the French Revolutionary wars , and the rise of Napoleon. As Mr Wilkinson continues on his quest through the period. On a side not the filming side of the History Guys work we have managed to hopefully get a dedicated camera crew. Plus also work wont pick up until November,  December. We have no budget so don’t expect BBC standard. We may expand into Historical podcasts maybe if we get the chance, but we don’t think it may work.

Watch this Space Ladies and gentlemen

From HistoryGuys Team