The Wars of the French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleonic Europe Part one

We all know of the what has become known during the Medieval period of English and European history. As the Hundred Years war. (which was more like 113 years off the top of my head). There was another period of history which can be seen as not  nearly 100 years. What we mean is that it is the second longest period the British Isles had been in conflict with the French since that time. The Dates in question are from 1792 to 1815 with a small year break in the middle. 

It is understood that the dates concerned,contain the Napoleonic wars, but in respect to it though it still is a war with France with just a different face. The later part will be covered in the later post but first we shall try to guide you through a simple guide to the French Revolutionary Wars.  The Period is divided between two points of action up till 1802, with the treaty of Amines. You have the war of the

First coalition :

French Royalist                                                    French Republic

Spain /Portugal                                                     Italian states

Prussia/Holy Roman Empire                         Polish Legions

Italian State(Naples and Sicily)

Dutch Republic


The War of the second coalition made some changes to the conflicting nations much due to French acquisition of the Netherlands which turns into the Batavian Republic. These early periods of fighting mainly involved the conscription on mass or leve la mass as it was known at the time, which forced people into said nations armed force. What it showed was even with a conscripted force the French actually still had much of their strong military power on land after the revolution. What you need to grasp is during the period after the revolution, most historians including myself still believe that France was a super power on its own nearly on level with Great Britain. It wasnt untill the defeat of the combined French and Spanish Navies at Trafalgar did you see that dominance at sea, and maybe on land after 1812.

The important facts you need to learn about is that Napoleon, in this period began to gain fame especially in his expeditions to Egypt. ( you can thank the man for half the stuff in the British Museum) Is he gained power in the Military and would eventually become First Consul of France in the 1800’s. France’s power was growing in these two early periods, and wearing the older governments in Europe down.


Continued in the coming weeks……