Update: I as Admin have decided to close down the History Guys project for the time being. What started as a project, when I was recovering from a Major operation. I just wanted to focus on the historical context. With a group of friends discuss topics and write them up.  I am sorry to all the readers that enjoyed the blog.  It is sad to note that you will not see the documentary Series that was underdevelopment, a lot of hard work went into this project. You never know we may return to show you our hard work. I would quickly like to point out that most of the articles were written in a small space of time. Some comments we might add were abuse to people in the History Guys project and that is another reason why we are going to close this down.

Due to a recent issue brought to my attention by one of our readers. All posts will be undergoing an editing procedure. This means the normal article service will be postponed for an estimated amount of time. I would like to add if some people’s comments are not showing up we are sorry. We shall return soon. Real life needs to be taken into account as well.